Getting Started

Welcome to! This guide will help you get a feel for how works and how you can start using to follow what interests you on the Web.

At it's core, has 3 main parts: timelines that let you follow sites from all over the Web, blogs where you can post about what's important to you, and interactions such as likes, comments, replies, and mentions which glue the whole thing together into a new kind of social media tool. We'll tackle each of these in turn. Some of the features in the guide require a premium subscription. Features that require a premium subscription will be marked with a disclaimer.

Following Your First Sites

After you've created your account, you'll be greeted by an empty timeline. You'll also see a set of recommended sites, chosen by our editor, for you to browse and possibly follow.

An Empty Timeline

From here you can click on the recommended sites, or head over to the  Discover section to find new and interesting people or sites to follow. You can also check out the Editor's Choice List to see what great sites our editors have found.

Once you've found someone you'd like to follow, just check the purple Follow button and you'll see everything they post.

That's it! Now you can be on the lookout for more interesting stuff to follow. If you're curious what kinds of things you can follow on, check out the Following Sites on guide.

If you've used another Feed Reader before, you can export your subscriptions from that other reader as an OPML file and import your subscriptions into from your Account Settings.

Organizing Your Interests into Timelines

This step requires a premium subscription.

Once you've started following a lot of people and sites on, you'll probably want to start organizing them in some way. let's you organize what you're following using timelines. Premium users can have up to 25 timelines.

To make a new timeline, simply click the  Create New Timeline button on your home page. Give your new timeline a name and you're good to go!

Create New Timeline

Now, when you follow a new site, you'll be asked which timeline to use. You can change this at any time and you can always move sites around as you change your mind.

Starting a Blog

This step requires a premium subscription. doesn't just let you follow what others are saying, you can start a blog and join in on the conversation as well. With a premium subscription, starting a blog is extremely simple! Just go to your account page, and click the Start a Blog button under the Blog with section. That's it, you now have your very own blog where you can post about what interests you, as well as upload photos and share them with the world!

You can customize your blog in your profile once you've created it.

Blogging with

Once you've created your blog, you can click on the  Post button at the top of the page to write your first blog post! You can also click on the  Images item in the dropdown menu at the top-right to start uploading and sharing your photos on your blog.

Blogging Navbar

Write about whatever interests you, what books you're reading, videos your watching or projects you're working on. Your blog is your space on, so use it to it's fullest extent.

Blogs on are subject to the Code of Conduct. Please make sure your posts don't violate this policy. aims to be a fun place for people to share interesting ideas, photos, experiences, and healthy conversations while being an inclusive space for all. Our staff will not hesitate to remove conversations or comments that violate this policy.

Next Steps

Once you've gotten a feel for how works, you can dive even deeper into the great features has to offer. Here's just a quick list of other things you may be interested in: