Importing YouTube Subscriptions

With, you can quickly and easily add all of your subscriptions from YouTube to your timeline.

1. Export Your YouTube Subscriptions

YouTube has a button that will export all of your subscriptions in a format that can use. Simply go to the Subscription Manager and click on the "Export Subscriptions" button (shown below).

Export YouTube Subscriptions

You should get a file with your subscriptions in it. That's all we need.

2. Import Your YouTube Subscriptions into

Next, log into and go to the Import Subscriptions page. Select the file that you downloaded from YouTube and click "Import".

Import Subscriptions

That's it, you're done!

Next Steps: Subscribing to new Channels

Now that you've imported all of your existing subscriptions into, if you ever need to add a new subscription, you can follow this guide to learn now to add YouTube channels one-by-one to