What are Webmentions?

Webmentions are a technology that allows people who use Pine.blog or another compatible platform (i.e. Wordpress, Blogger, Micro.blog, Mastodon, etc) to like, comment on, and reply to each others posts, even across platforms. Think of it like being able to like a photo from Instagram on Twitter.

If you follow a site that supports Webmentions, and like, comment on, or reply to their posts, Pine.blog can let them know. This is just one way that Pine.blog contributes to the growing list of platforms that are trying to break down the traditional walls of Social Networks. Social platforms can work just as telephone companies do: a phone on one network can call a phone on another network.

Enabling Webmentions

Webmentions are enabled on your blog by default, and there are a number of controls that you have over how the resulting likes, comments, and replies appear on your blog.

Webmention Settings
Likes Settings Enable Webmentions in your Account Settings →

Likes, Comments, and Mentions Settings

  • Off: Pine.blog will never show likes, comments, or mentions on your blog.
  • Counts Only: Pine.blog will show the total number of likes, comments, and mentions on your site.
  • From Site I Follow: Pine.blog will show the total number of likes, comments, and mentions and show the contents of any likes, comments, or mentions made by sites you follow.1
  • From Anyone: Pine.blog will show the total number and contents of all likes, comments, and mentions.
Example of Wemnetions on a Blog An example of likes, mentions, and comments on a blog

Webmentions are public. With Webmentions enabled, other people can see your likes, comments, and replies

1 Some likes, comments, and mentions from sites you follow may not appear on your blog. Pine.blog uses h-entry metadata to confirm that the site's content should appear on your site. If the commenting site does not implement h-entry in its markup then it is automatically excluded from the results.