While Acererak may be good at some things (like building tedious death dungeons), he's obviously not so great at writing ominous clues. Very dull, no rhyme scheme.

Soo, I may have gotten annoyed and rewrote them all. Enjoy!

Cannot gaurantee accuracy of my versions, had to guess on what that douche-lich actually meant.

My Version (5 line stanzas, iambic pentameter, ABABA)

The one that was foresaken will soon seize-

Sweet death itself; a night all men shall dread.

The trackless ocean depths will dry and cease,

While corpses rise up from the soil, undead.

As all mortals, I, Acererak, will reap.

Those who dare enter take heed:

Pair'd enemies oppose, one rests between.

In darkness find the thing that waits and hides.

Then don the mask to pass the guard unseen.

To doomed child no truths should you confide.

The keys twist from inside, treasure and tiend.


Fear the night when the forsaken one seizes death's mantle

And the seas dry up and the dead rise

And I, Acererak the eternal, reap the world of the living.

Those who dare enter take heed.

The enemies oppose, One stands between them.

In darkness, it hides.

Don the mask or be seen.

Speak no truth to the doomed child.

The keys turn on the inside only.