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Will and Testament of Makara

Honestly haven't been drawing much lately due to 2020 continuing to be a giant trash-fire of awful.

Instead here is the document I made as my pirate character's Will & Testament in case she dies. Yup, I am really that extra sometimes.



The stamps in the four corners are the same design as the flag for our fleet, and the stamp at the bottom is actually also the name Makara translated into runes (she has that same designed tattooed on her face ad well, which in retrospect is weird).

I included what I decided would be a good evil triton eulogy on the bottom and top of the document in the closest approximation I could find to primordial. I think its one of Tolkien's languages?

To get the paper to look older I actually treated it with wood polish after roughing it up a bit. Overall I like how it turned out!

Hopefully, I'll never have to use it haha.


DnD artwork - Afton “The Marked” Keets


Last member of the pirate crew is Makara's second in command, Afton "The Marked" Keets, captain of the Storm's Curse and flag captain of the Royal Fleet.

He is a (human) storm sorcerer, acolyte of Talos (God of Storms), and is now a cleric of Talos as well. He got his new powers by kicking a petrification cube, becoming a statue, and being struck by lightning prior to us being able to unpetrify him - so, y'know, the usual.

Afton revels in dramatic flare, Talos-related speeches, and utterly obliterating things/people with lightning. His first, and unarguably, best magic item is his Cloak of Billowing. It billows on command. Thats it. It is amazing. Also, he once managed to prevent the party from being impressed into military service using only his wit and prestidigitation, which was solidly badass.

His parrot is an animated statue named Jeffery.


DnD artwork - Drachendanion Kriv

Also in our pirate crew is Drachendanion Kriv. He is the newest member, joining up after the previous character (Hilton "Bird-Eye" Burton: rogue, look-out, cannibal) was annhilated in the Tomb of Annihilation.

Kriv is a dragon-born Horizon Walker, the captain of the Dragon Fang (one of the ships in the Royal Fleet), and specializes in finding/acquiring exotic extraplanar items. He can walk on water and teleport murder an entire opposing pirate crew in minutes.

Dude is seriously good at portals.



DnD artwork - Inertia Cadence

Next up on my crew is Inertia, our min/max human fighter. He is superb at dealing out damage while delivering clever monotone comebacks (That's not your boat.)

He is currently the Spymaster and Tactical Advisor to the Royal Fleet, in part due to his criminal network and skills at assessing low risk high reward targets from his highway robbery days. We brought his wife back from dead though, so now he's more concerned with his twin children.

I had to learn how to draw someone sneering disdainfully to properly capture his personality.

His favored terrain is hallways.



DnD artwork - Anders “Doc” Thorngage

So figured I should finally post the rest of the crew in our Tomb of Annihilation campaign!

This is Doc, a halfing bard, originally hired on as the ship's medic. He is technically the only crew member with a good alignment... but he does also enjoy polymorphing into a dinosaur and eating people, so that's cool.

In the post-Tomb game, he runs an orphanage in Freeport with his spare time, and has the official title of The Ambassador of the Royal Fleet.

I loved that pirates actually had a symbol to denote 'pirate medic', but drawing somebody shouting "ha HA!" was surprisingly tricky.



DnD Artwork - Bag O’Nails

This is the final version of a highly stylized sketch I made awhile back of Bag O'Nails, a tabaxi warrior driven insane by the hags known as the Sewn Sisters.

He now believes that everyone he sees is actually a Yuan-ti/involved in the death of his family, and attempts to murder the hell of out them. He is unfortunately rather good at murdering.

Khajiit has wares and they are all are pain

Bag O Nails


DnD Stuff- Full Summary of Acererak’s Hints Rewritten

Decided that I should do a side-by-side of both versions of Acererak's warnings/hints all together.

Overall I'm pleased! Although, I had to rewrite the last hint after I had guessed completely wrong on what it meant. The new version works, but just doesn't sound as good to me as it used to...

Also, I am aware that the last line of my first hint is technically not in iambic pentameter unless you are willfully butchering the pronunciation of 'treasure'. I like the phrase 'treasure and tiend' too much to fix it. Sorry, not sorry.



DnD stuff- Acererak Sucks at Poetry #4


Death to fire, dine or drown

Precious air and falling sand

The army sleeps in silence

The mirror holds twelve

Find the iron scepter’s twin

The maze holds the key.

My Version

A likely grave - air, sand, flames, dine or drown,

(To find the just one's tomb, survive your death)

And sleeping army wakes for gentle sound.

The twelve enshrine'd in glass shall never rest.

Steal scepter's twin. In maze, the key is found.


DnD stuff- Acererak Sucks at Poetry #3


Walk through water

With weapon in hand

Slake your shadow at the font

The vulture is the first step

Right the gods

The walls of history tell all

My Version

Tread flowing water, weapon firmly grasp’d

Your parched shadow drinks from empty cup

Step vulture first to navigate the path

And right the ancient gods to switch things up

The walls unveil old secrets yet unclasp’d


DnD Stuff - Acererak Sucks at Poetry #2


The ring is a path to another tomb

The dead abhor sunlight

Only a jewel can tame the frog

Bow as the dead god intoned

Into darkness descend

My Version

The endless ring, a path to mirrored tomb

While death-touch’d servants cringe at sunlight’s burn.

To tame the lurking frog, a jeweled boon

Then bow to the commanding god in turn.

Descend in darkness, onward to your doom.


DnD stuff- Acererak Sucks at Poetry #1

While Acererak may be good at some things (like building tedious death dungeons), he's obviously not so great at writing ominous clues. Very dull, no rhyme scheme.

Soo, I may have gotten annoyed and rewrote them all. Enjoy!

Cannot gaurantee accuracy of my versions, had to guess on what that douche-lich actually meant.

My Version (5 line stanzas, iambic pentameter, ABABA)

The one that was foresaken will soon seize-

Sweet death itself; a night all men shall dread.

The trackless ocean depths will dry and cease,

While corpses rise up from the soil, undead.

As all mortals, I, Acererak, will reap.

Those who dare enter take heed:

Pair'd enemies oppose, one rests between.

In darkness find the thing that waits and hides.

Then don the mask to pass the guard unseen.

To doomed child no truths should you confide.

The keys twist from inside, treasure and tiend.


Fear the night when the forsaken one seizes death's mantle

And the seas dry up and the dead rise

And I, Acererak the eternal, reap the world of the living.

Those who dare enter take heed.

The enemies oppose, One stands between them.

In darkness, it hides.

Don the mask or be seen.

Speak no truth to the doomed child.

The keys turn on the inside only.


DnD artwork -Unkh

Last of the Trickster gods. This is the only one that does not have another god as its opposition.

Unkh the flail snail *(self-absorbed, indecisive, incapable of making choices)

Unkh (Flail Snail)


DnD artwork - I’Jin/Obo’Laka

Two more of the Trickster Gods. My character Makara was actually possessed by each of these at one point, and likely has some permanent residual issues from having these weirdos inside of her head...

Obo'Laka the Zorbo (nervous, obsessive, risk-adverse and a slave to routine). Definitely just awful for a barbarian. Makara has nightmares about this neurotic bear.

And his counterpart I'Jin the Almiraj (fickle, unpredictable, a risk-taker who never sticks to a plan). More fun for sure, but too many levers do bad things haha.

Obo’Laka (Zorbo)

I’Jin (Almiraj)


DnD artwork - Shagambi/Nangnang

Trickster Gods continued! These two were so much fun to draw; although, no clue what type of snake I ended up including for that first one. I was thinking cobra initially but... ::shrug::

Shagambi the Kamadan (wise, virtuous, a champion of justice) and Nangnang the Grung (cruel, selfish, kind of a hoarder):

Shagambi (Kamadan)

Nangnang (Grung)


DnD artwork - Moa/Wongo

More of the Nine Trickster gods!

This is Moa the Jaculi (kind, truthful) and her enemy Wongo the Su-Monster (violent, deranged, sociopathic):

Moa (Jaculi)

Wongo (Su-Monster)


DnD artwork - Kubazan/Papazotl

In the Tomb of Annihilation, the city of Omu once worshipped a group of beast-gods, the Nine Trickster Gods of Chult.

Most of them were paired enemies of each other with opposing personalities.

They were incredibly fun to draw! Here is my intepretation of the first pair:

Kubazan the Froghemoth (wild, spirited, recklessly brave) and Papazotl the Iblis (shrewd, conniving, an egotistical commander)

Kubazan (Froghemoth)

Papazotl (Iblis)


DnD artwork - Ziel

Since I posted my character for Tomb of Annhilation already; figured I should finish up my character from Curse of Strahd.

This is Ziel (Murphy is her familiar). She is a changeling warlock cultist, and almost never looks like this, because, y'know, changeling.



DnD artwork- Makara

So for the Tomb of Annihilation campaign I made inspiration cards with my interpretations of everyones' characters on them. We are all pirates and it is awesome!

This is my character, Makara, a triton ancestral guardian barbarian, originally the Quartermaster of the Spectre of the Nine Hells. She is now the commodore of a pirate fleet, and is multiclassed with a splash of Pact of the Blade warlock and Oath of Conquest paladin:



DnD artwork - Grilu!

This next drawing is from the other campaign I'm in (technically finished, awaiting part 2), Tomb of Annihilation.

This is my precious baby Grilu; a telepathic extraplanar horror imprisioned in a lake within a death tomb, who has since gone wildly insane. She enjoys playing catch, and making her victims immortal before completely subjugating their minds and bodies for all eternity.

I love her.

Grilu (insane Aboleth)


DnD artwork- Murphy

I haven't managed a personal blog in a long time; so not quite sure where to begin. Welp... I made some DnD related artwork, so I'll start by sharing that, and go from there.

In one campaign (Curse of Strahd) I play as a changeling warlock whose patron is Razcoreth, an archfey dragon that guards the lake of dreams. This is my drawing of Murphy, my albino pseudo-dragon (amphitere?) familiar:

Murphy (pseudo-dragon)