Last member of the pirate crew is Makara's second in command, Afton "The Marked" Keets, captain of the Storm's Curse and flag captain of the Royal Fleet.

He is a (human) storm sorcerer, acolyte of Talos (God of Storms), and is now a cleric of Talos as well. He got his new powers by kicking a petrification cube, becoming a statue, and being struck by lightning prior to us being able to unpetrify him - so, y'know, the usual.

Afton revels in dramatic flare, Talos-related speeches, and utterly obliterating things/people with lightning. His first, and unarguably, best magic item is his Cloak of Billowing. It billows on command. Thats it. It is amazing. Also, he once managed to prevent the party from being impressed into military service using only his wit and prestidigitation, which was solidly badass.

His parrot is an animated statue named Jeffery.