Honestly haven't been drawing much lately due to 2020 continuing to be a giant trash-fire of awful.

Instead here is the document I made as my pirate character's Will & Testament in case she dies. Yup, I am really that extra sometimes.



The stamps in the four corners are the same design as the flag for our fleet, and the stamp at the bottom is actually also the name Makara translated into runes (she has that same designed tattooed on her face ad well, which in retrospect is weird).

I included what I decided would be a good evil triton eulogy on the bottom and top of the document in the closest approximation I could find to primordial. I think its one of Tolkien's languages?

To get the paper to look older I actually treated it with wood polish after roughing it up a bit. Overall I like how it turned out!

Hopefully, I'll never have to use it haha.