What is a Feed Reader?

TLDR; A Feed Reader is an app or service that lets you read posts from other sites.

Think of a Feed Reader like Twitter, except the posts you see aren't from the user's Twitter profile, but from their own website. Instead of following @nytimes on Twitter, you can follow nytimes.com on Pine.blog. That's basically it.

A lot of times, a site will post more often and more detailed content on their site and just post the headline on Twitter and Facebook. With Pine.blog, you're more likely to see everything that a site or user posts.

Websites that allow users to follow them directly will have a computer readable feed that Pine.blog can use (more info below). A ton of websites have feeds including most blogs, news sites, and scientific journals. What's better, social networks like Reddit and YouTube have feeds for subreddits, your user inbox, YouTube channels and even YouTube playlists. All of those can be added quickly and easily to Pine.blog so you can follow your favorite Reddits or YouTube channels from Pine.blog directly.

For more information about how to follow sites, including Reddit, YouTube, Mastodon, and more: check out the guide on following websites on Pine.blog

Lots of websites will have multiple feeds, which makes filtering out stuff you don't care about much easier than on Twitter or Facebook. If you want to follow The New York Times, but only see articles about Science and Medicine, there's a feed for that. Or, my personal favorite, if you want to follow only a specific writer, there's feeds for that too.

Sites that don't have Feeds

Some sites, notably Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don't support feeds of any kind that Pine.blog is allowed to follow. For smaller sites, this is usually accidental or unintentional. If you want to follow a site that doesn't have a feed, you can try getting in touch with the site and asking for them to add one.

The big social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, used to have feeds, but turned them off years ago to make it harder for people to compete with them. There are ways to follow a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter user with Pine.blog using RSS feeds, but you'll have to find them. I'm not really allowed to advertise them to you.