Hello on a new platform.

Pine.Blog seemed as good as any new place to start writing these day so what the hell...

The number of locations I have written my thoughts and streams of consciousness are so varied it is hard to really consider them all; what is one more?

The thing I want to start with is the iPad Pro. Why? Because it is what I am drafting this on right now. I have been working with it for a year. It is a remarkable device. I want to use it. I want to use it more... The more it works, the harder I want to push into it.

There are a couple fundamental things about that “want to push into it" feeling:

  1. The thinness of the device. Seriously... outside of a case. The thinness and weight of the machine. Still, every time, it feels amazing and crazy for how powerful, responsive, downright fast and dynamic the machine feels. It is crazy. I expect my iPhone to feel that way but the iPad Pro really takes it to another level. Pro Motion also has a good deal to do with this in some ways...

  2. The Apple Pencil is a game changer on so many levels. If the only thing I ever did with it was fiddle around to move things on screen wantonly and sign the many, many documents I do everyday... it would be worth the price.

  3. The new Magic Keyboard... adding a trackpad really does unlock a new and more natural way to do work; real work on the iPad. The only downfall of it is that I clearly should have in hindsight got the big one. The tight keyboard is just too hard to work with over more than emails and this short initial blog post. More than this and... I tap out. Keep in mind that typically I work with a full size mechanical keyboard and my writing goes on and on... but for this, it’s serviceable and really #$%&-ing good.

Next time: Craft Beer thoughts...

Until then, cheers.