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Real Madrid beats Barcelona in revenues

Real Madrid and Barcelona are the biggest rivals not only on the pitch, but also off the pitch. The two clubs have been dominating Spanish and European football in the last decade and they’ve also been on a tight competition when it comes to generating revenues. Earlier this week, we got to know how much each club made last season (2017-18) and Real Madrid were certainly happy to show they generated 9% more revenues than Barcelona. The 12-time European champions finished the season with a total income of 748,04 million euros, while Barcelona didn’t go beyond the 686 million euros.

What’s even more curious about these numbers is that Barcelona earned a lot more than Real Madrid from the transfer season occurred in the summer of 2017. The Blaugrana sold Neymar to PSG for a record fee of 222 million euros, while Madrid’s biggest selling was Álvaro Morata to Chelsea, for whom they received 54 million euros. Those transfers alone represent 32% of Barcelona’s entire revenue stream in 2017-18, while in Real Madrid they only represent 7,2% of their total income in that season. Despite the departures, the two clubs have managed to keep their fans interested in watching them playing live throughout the season and the coverage of Barcelona live streaming games have seen a noticeable increase across the internet.

Real Madrid’s biggest slice of the pie came straight from their marketing efforts, as they cashed in a total sum of 297 million euros. With Adidas for example and looking strictly at sales occurred in the German’s brand official stores, the European champions generated 26 million euros.

Sergio Ramos lifts the UEFA Champions League trophy for Real Madrid in 2018

Sergio Ramos lifts the UEFA Champions League trophy for Real Madrid in 2018

Another impressive revenue stream has to do with the money made from international competitions and friendlies. As we all know, Real Madrid won the Champions League in the past 3 seasons and in the 2017-18 season they received a total of 85,46 million euros from UEFA during their entire campaign in the Champions League. The Spanish SuperCup and the FIFA Club World Cup trophies gave an additional 8 million euros to the club, 4 million for each competition.

In terms of TV rights, Real Madrid earned an oustanding amount of 178,4 million euros, a number only possible to achieve due to the extreme inequality in these revenues’ distribution among La Liga clubs, which results in a perpetuation of the total domination we’ve seen in Spain from either Real Madrid, Barcelona, with only Atletico Madrid being capable of assuming an outsider role.

Despite all these healthy financial signs, Real Madrid has been extremely quiet in the last couple transfer windows and in the last 2 years their biggest signing was the 18-year old Vinicus Jr. from Flamengo, who costed them 45 million euros. The Merengues also signed Chelsea’s goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois for 35 million euros this summer, as well as Odriozola (30 million euros), and Mariano (21 million euros). Last year the European champions were even more cautious with their spending costs and only paid for 2 players: Theo Hernández for 24 million euros (Atletico Madrid) and Dani Ceballos for 16,5 million euros (Real Betis).

With a new sponsorship contract with Adidas currently in negotiations (rumors say it this deal will break records) and the one with Fly Emirates assuring an income stream of 70 million per season and still valid for the upcoming 4 years (it’s the most lucrative deal in football at this stage), it doesn’t seem like Madrid is going to get into any sort of troubles with their finance anytime soon…

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Lionel Messi celebrates Barcelona win

Lionel Messi celebrates Barcelona win

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Win or lose I will be one of the greatest, says Mourinho

In a recent statement made by current Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, he said, “I am one of the greatest managers in the world” whether or not United wins the Premier League. This season the team has had their worst start in 25 years with only a single win out of their first three games.

In Defense of Himself

In an extraordinary attempt to deflect criticism and defend himself, Mourinho quoted a German philosopher and then went on to say he is “the only manager to win in Italy, Spain, and England.” At the same time, he referred to the team’s second place finish last year to be, ” one of his greatest achievements.” Mourinho says that he is the manager of one of the finest football clubs in the world and reiterated his belief that he is one of the world’s greatest managers. Manchester United have won the English top flight no less than 20 times, which includes 13 Premier League titles. When questioned about his abilities as a manager and if he thought he would still be great if United failed to win the title under his command, the answer was, “Of course” before going on to quote Hegel (a renowned German philosopher).

José Mourinho - Manchester United wallpaper

José Mourinho – Manchester United wallpaper

Unable to Handle Criticism

It seems as though Mourinho has a hard time dealing with criticism. For example, during the post-game interview after United 3-0 home loss to the Spurs, the worst home-defeat in his career, he demanded that the press show him “respect.”  Yet, he had no problem pointing out others’ faults, including the fact that while he was at Chelsea, the team earned three Premier League titles and that this was more than all the other managers in the division. It is his firm belief that no one seems to pay any attention when his team is winning, but have no problem jumping up and down when things aren’t going so well. Keep in mind, United (under his helm) is the last English team to win the Europa League. As a manager, Mourinho has won a total of eight titles, yet he still says the second-place position with United last year is one of his best seasons ever.

Talking to Pep Guardiola

In an interview with Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola, a question regarding the amount of pressure Mourinho is under to perform comes as a surprise. Guardiola had this to say, “It’s our job, unfortunately. Our job depends on results. When we win we are good; when we don’t we are not good – it is simple like that.” For more details keep an eye on the latest football betting news on 188Bet’s blog. From who’s in charge, to injury reports, the latest trades, rumors, and anything else in the world of soccer that can affect the way you place your bets, stay tuned to this page. We work hard to bring you the latest news and information, keeping you in the loop, and helping you to make the right decisions throughout the season.


José Mourinho fashion and style

José Mourinho fashion and style

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Who will win FIFA’s “The Best” in 2018?

On September 24, London will host the 3rd edition of “The Best FIFA Football Awards” and this year it’s going to be hard to predict who will be crowned as the best football player in the world.

Earlier this week, FIFA already announced the final 3 candidates to win the award and we already saw a few surprises in the shortlist with the absence of Barcelona‘s Lionel Messi, or even PSG‘s Kylian Mbappé. Let’s take a look at the list of the 3 players who made it to the podium:

::: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) / Juventus

::: Luka Modric (Croatia) / Real Madrid

::: Mohamed Salah (Egypt) / Liverpool

All of them had a great year so far and were very important in their teams’ domestic and international campaigns. Before you rush off to find the best bookmaker bonuses and place a bet in your favorite player, it might be a good idea to review each of these player’s accomplishments in 2017-18.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal World Cup 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal World Cup 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo, as we all know by now, got transferred to Juventus over the summer for a 112 million euros fee, but his performances for Real Madrid helped the club reaching their 13th Champions League trophy, the 3rd in a row. Not only that, but he was also the competition’s top scorer with 15 goals, 5 more than Liverpool‘s Mohamed Salah who finished 2nd tied with several other players. Domestically, he delivered 26 goals in 27 games in La Liga, but failed to make the difference in several decisive moments of the season.

In his World Cup campaign for Portugal, Ronaldo had a promising start when he debuted with a hat-trick in a 3-3 draw against Spain, followed by the winning goal the game after against Morocco. However, he struggled a bit afterwards and Portugal ended up knocked out against Uruguay in the last-16 stage.

Luka Modric - Croatia World Cup 2018

Luka Modric – Croatia World Cup 2018

Luka Modric has been Real Madrid and Croatia‘s engine in the past years. It’s not easy for a player with his role to stand out in these type of awards in modern days, but he certainly deserved the nomination after dominating midfield game after game both for his club and his nation. Just like Ronaldo, he was very important in Real Madrid‘s success in the Champions League and a key player in several decisive games in the competition. Nevertheless, what really helped Modric building a strong case this year was his World Cup campaign for Croatia.

The 32-year old (turns 33 on September 9), was one of the most valuable players in the whole tournament and his country’s true leader on the pitch. He scored two goals in the group stage and helped destroying Argentina in a memorable performance that helped the Croatians bagging a 3-0 win.

Mohamed Salah - Egypt World Cup 2018

Mohamed Salah – Egypt World Cup 2018

Mohamed Salah is clearly the underdog in this year’s race for the “The Best FIFA Men’s Player” award. Unlike his other 2 opponents, the Egyptian didn’t win any title domestically or internationally, even though he got close to the silverware in the Champions League tournament, as he only lost in the final against Real Madrid. He was also unlucky to pick up an injury around the 30th minute of the first half in the final game, which prevented him from shining in the most important game of the season.

In England, he was Liverpool‘s key player all season long and his presence was crucial for the club to secure a Champions League spot. He finished the season with a record of 32 goals in 36 appearances in the Premier League, which converted him as the competition’s top scorer, 2 goals ahead of Tottenham‘s Harry Kane.

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Chelsea will be made pay for dwelling over Maurizio Sarri appointment

As soon as the curtain fell on the 2017/18 season it seemed a certainty that Antonio Conte would leave or be removed from his post as Chelsea manager, but the club’s inability to resolve the situation with the Italian before starting pre-season will have repercussions that will be detrimental to the coming campaign under new boss Maurizio Sarri.

Roman Abramovich has never been shy when it comes to giving a coach his P45 but this summer the Russian billionaire took far too long to reach what always seemed an inevitable outcome and the Stamford Bridge outfit will be made pay this term.

The Community Shield final highlighted problems that the Blues will have this season, with Manchester City expectedly looking so much more assured of their style of play than Chelsea, but just how far Sarri’s side were off the pace gives cause for concern before the Premier League even gets underway.

Man City beat Chelsea 2-0 in the Community Shield in 2018

Man City beat Chelsea 2-0 in the Community Shield in 2018


Unsettled stars

Thibaut Courtois has long been seeking a move away from London, with the Belgian keen to live with his family in Madrid again and he has been allowed to return to Spain this summer to join Real Madrid, leaving Sarri with a problem from the moment he arrived.

Eden Hazard is another whose future was unknown for a while but it now seems as though he will remain with the Premier League club as he has two years to run on his contract – though online bookmakers are not entirely convinced that he will stay – while his compatriot Courtois only had one, leaving the Blues in a tough situation and pressured into selling now.

N’Golo Kante’s success at the World Cup with France means he’s been away for the short time that Sarri has been with the squad and as he will be one of the most important players at the club, the Italian would have liked to have the ex-Leicester star at his disposal earlier.


Sarrismo takes time

When he left Italian minnows Empoli to take charge of Napoli in 2015 Sarri was taking unquestionably the biggest job of his career to that point and it did not start well for him at the Stadio San Paolo. That despite being appointed on June 11, more than two months before the start of the Serie A season and being afforded an entire pre-season with his players.

This time, he arrives at a club with a notoriously trigger-happy board who are not known for giving new coaches time to settle into their posts, and his task has been made all the more challenging due to the uncertainty surrounding Courtois, Hazard and other players’ futures.

Jorginho’s arrival will undoubtedly ease the transition and his Brazilian background will help to communicate Sarri’s ideas to other members of the squad should there be a language barrier at first.

Kante’s return will help speed things up somewhat, as he will be integral again, while the defence will take time to readjust to having four members as opposed to the three or five seen under Conte.

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Maurizio Sarri presented as the new Chelsea manager

Maurizio Sarri presented as the new Chelsea manager

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The English Premier League rises above the rest

The English Premier League is one of the best soccer leagues in the world. Playing in the EPL is a top goal for many players worldwide, and for national teams that are just emerging on the world stage, having a player go to play in the EPL can signal a new level in that country’s prominence in international tournaments. You can look to find EPL betting odds and news, but you may enjoy betting more if you take some time to get to know the various teams in this league and the league’s history. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to consider how reliable you think a particular set of odds are.

Origins of the Premier League

Although soccer in England as we generally know the game today goes back to the 19th century, the Premier League is surprisingly young given how embedded it is today in English culture. It was formed in 1992 and consists of 20 clubs at any given time. Clubs are promoted or relegated into the Premier League depending on whether they are the top of their tables in the next league down, the EFL Championship, or at the bottom of the EPL. Prior to the formation of the EPL, the top tier in English soccer was the Football League First Division. At the time, English soccer was lagging well behind that of other European countries such as Italy. Its stadiums were in disrepair, and its fans had bad reputations both at home and abroad.

Premier League Success

The formation of the EPL marked a significant shift in English soccer. Today, no sports league is watched more throughout the world than the Premier League. Teams in the EPL regularly perform well in European tournaments, and fans of the team’s hail from all over the world.

Premier League champions in 2018, Manchester City

Premier League champions in 2018, Manchester City

EPL Criticisms

The EPL went through a period in which it was criticized as dull because for a number of years, the same four teams regularly took the top slots. Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal so predictably dominated the league that some feared for its health. However, it only took a few years for those fears to emerge as unfounded. Both Manchester City and Tottenham began jostling for the top spots, and in 2016 Leicester City claimed the number one position. Another criticism of the EPL is a lack of English players. This is in contrast to other European leagues such as Spain’s La Liga, which fields many international players but also has a number of Spanish players as well. The consequences of this can emerge in international football tournaments. Countries with strong youth development programs that nurture their players often perform better than England, at least until the most recent World Cup. Finally, some people feel the stratospheric money involved in the EPL has taken too many eyes away from the real core of the game, which is sport that connects with people and that is fun to watch. However, despite these criticisms, the EPL continues to thrive.

Betting on the EPL is thriving as well, and it’s easy to do from your laptop or mobile device. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just starting to follow the league, it’s easy to get started with a few small bets, and who knows? Another upset like Leicester City could just net you a lot of money.


Premier League wallpaper

Premier League wallpaper

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