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How to Make Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Note from Betty: The following is a guest post from Emily Kil. Do you sometimes feel that your world is spinning out of control because responsibilities you shoulder are overwhelming? Join the club. It’s not exclusive. You pack lunches. Chauffeur the soccer team. Sit up half the night because someone’s cutting a tooth. On the... Continue Reading

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DIY Hyssop Face Mask Recipe for (Naturally) Gorgeous Skin

There's this magical box that lives in my "crunchy corner." In it are wonders ne'er before seen, like unicorns and fairies and men who ask for directions.

Just kidding, men. (You'd never fit in this box.)

Actually, what's in this box are small baggies full of herbs and roots and flowers and resins. Every so often, when I go to our local natural food store, I'll pick up an herb that I've recently learned about, but never worked with. I bring it home, smell it, touch it, and occasionally just toss it in the box and forget about it. Not for lack of interest, but more for an abundance of distractions.

You know how it goes. There's always bread to be made, dishes to be washed, friends to be served tea, or cats to be dressed up like German barmaids. Priorities.

About a month ago, as I was planning a few of the plants I'm going to grow in my new rooftop garden, I ran into hyssop seeds. (Isn't that just about the prettiest word you've ever seen? Hyssop. Hyssop. Hyssop.) And while I was familiar with it, I remembered that it was an herb I'd tossed into the box a few months before.

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Ditch the Tampons and Switch to a DivaCup (Sexy? Right!)

It all started a few months ago with the discussion in the Crunchy Community, that lovely Lula Lola titled "Tampon Talk (Sexy, right?).

Scratch that.

It all started two years ago when my sister said, "You should really try the DivaCup," and I said, "Huh. Weird." And every month, I'd think about it, but then I'd look at the price of a DivaCup ($30) compared to a the price of a box of tampons ($7), and I'd say, "Next month. I'll get one next month when we have more money."

Clearly, I am not very good at understanding substantial long-term savings, because you don't throw the DivaCup away. Not for years.

And then the conversation happened in the Community, and I couldn't wait to try it. I couldn't wait another month. (So I asked DivaCup if they'd like a review, and the sales representative said, "Sure! And how about a giveaway!" And I said, "Sure! And how about you're awesome!")

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25 Free Printable Recipe Cards – Merry Early Crunchmas!

So I've been contemplating the gift recipes we should do around here, and it kicked in the old memory. Last year, I made homemade beauty gifts for everyone - but attached to each of the gifts was a stack of recipes with holes punched in the top corner and a beautiful ribbon strung through.

I thought - I want to give YOU GUYS that same gift. But, more importantly, now YOU can give the same gift to people, as well.

For the next few weeks, we'll talk about some good homemade beauty gifts you can give over the holidays, but this'll give you a little head start.

Most of the recipes in this handy-dandy PDF are the best recipes that have been featured on Crunchy Betty over the last six months, but there are a few fun new surprises in there for you, too. And they're neatly packaged and set up so that you can print them as full-sized pages or - even better - print them off easily on 5x7 recipe cards.

This is yours, this PDF. Do whatever you want with it. Send it in emails. Print a million copies off and pass them out to strangers. Put it up on your own site for other people to download. Wallpaper your room with it.

I gave it to you. It's yours.

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Elderberry Syrup Recipe for Cough & Cold

I thought I'd try my hand at vlogging, and my conclusion is that I'm a much better writer than a speaker or videographer. But I spent all dang day on this, so I'm posting it anyway.

This is a recipe for elderberry syrup, which is seriously effective, and MUCH less expensive than any elderberry concoctions or sambucol medications you'll buy in the store. It's easy and it's really, really fun to make.

Here is the recipe for it, or you can opt to watch the haphazard and very home-video quality tutorial.

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