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Indie Songwriters tUnE-yArDs, Mondo Cozmo, and Jealous of the Birds Get Political, Hilarious, and Real

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Kyle Meredith checks in with the masterminds behind tUnE-yArDs (Merrill Garbus), Mondo Cozmo (Josh Ostrander), and Jealous of the Birds (Naomi Hamilton) to pick their brains, talk about their new music, and discuss their future plans.

Garbus chews on race, representation, and white privilege. Ostrander recalls how he attempted to steal utensils from the Kennedy Room and got wasted the night before he testified in front of Congress. And finally, Hamilton reflects on how she’s only been a songwriter for a few years and expands upon her background in poetry.

Kyle Meredith With… is an interview series in which WFPK’s Kyle Meredith speaks to a wide breadth of musicians. Each episode, Meredith digs deep into an artist’s work to find out how the music is made and where their journey is going, from legendary artists like Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, U2 and Bryan Ferry, to the newer class of The National, St. Vincent, Arctic Monkeys, Haim, and Father John Misty. Check back Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new episodes. Rate the series now via iTunes.

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Mondo Cozmo

Jealous of the Birds



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SOB X RBE shares new single, “Made It”, tease final album: Stream

Is Vallejo-based hip hop group SOB X RBE breaking up? Rumors have been flying the last few days after member Yhung T.O. shared a text post on Instagram announcing the band’s disbandment two days ago. The message is gone (along with the rest of his posts), but it read, “Gangin 2 will be my last album with SOB. Me and [DaBoii] got sum shit still in the cut fa y’all tho.”

Whether or not this is the end for the group remains to be seen; in the meantime, they’ve got an album to promote. In the lead up to GANGIN II’s release on September 28th, they’ve released their new single, “Made It”. It follows “Vibes” as the second single off the album.

Produced by X-Slapz, the group’s DJ on tour, “Made It” is a thumping example of the bouncing, youthful exuberance they displayed on their debut GANGIN and their contribution to the Black Panther soundtrack, “Paramedic!”. If this turns out to be SOB X RBE’s swan song, there are worse ways to go out.

GANGIN II is due out September 28th, courtesy of SOB X RBE and Empire. Listen to “Made It” on Spotify and Apple Music below.

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Meredith Graves and Nick Zinner guest on Savages offshoot 180dB’s debut single: Stream

Savages members Fay Milton and Ayse Hassan have broken off on their own on a new side project dubbed 180dB, kicking off their new collaboration with the debut single, “Road Trip”.

According to a press release, “Road Trip” came about as a result of a chance meeting between Milton and Goldie at a political rally last year. Goldie played her “Upstart (Road Trip)”, his collab with Skepta, and challenged Milton to make a “raging punk” interpretation of the track. Well, it’s finally here, a thrashing take with Graves’ lyrics replacing Skepta’s.

“Road Trip” features Meredith Graves (vocalist for Perfect Pussy) and drummer Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the first participants in the “continuously morphing supergroup” of 180dB. Right off the bat, it’s got that core Savages energy, with all the distorted power chords and aggressive feedback you could ask for. Along with Graves’ acidic, percussive vocals and Zinner’s devil-may-care drum fills, it’s an explosive debut. 180dB’s first album is set to debut sometime early 2019.

Savages’ two albums to date, 2013’s Silence Yourself and 2016’s Adore Life, were nominated for the Mercury Prize, and were met with critical acclaim.

Check out the music video for “Road Trip”, directed by Milton, below.

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Johnathan Rice’s new song “Meet the Mother” was inspired by a conversation with Bill Murray: Stream

Johnathan Rice’s multi-disciplinary career has brought him into contact with a number of fascinating figures over the years. He’s worked most prominently alongside Jenny Lewis as Jenny and Jonny, but he’s also toured with acts like R.E.M. and Phoenix, written for Meryl Streep, and acted alongside Joaquin Phoenix. An interesting conversation with another icon, the legendary Bill Murray, led Rice to pen his latest single, “Meet the Mother”.

As Rice explained in a press release,

“This song is an outlier in my catalogue because it’s my attempt at writing something funny. I ended up in a conversation with Bill Murray one night about relationships, and he told me, ‘Well, you’ve got to meet the mother. I carried that phrase with me for years. It felt totemic. I don’t necessarily think that we are just facsimiles of our parents. Real life is way more nuanced than that. But songs aren’t real life. Songs are shorter. I always wanted to write a song that had a cyclical refrain, kinda like ‘You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.’ The song is written in a pretty traditional style, but Tony Berg [(Phoebe Bridgers, Aimee Mann)] and Mike Viola [(Ryan Adams, Panic! At the Disco)] kind of went for a Suicide meets Nebraska thing with the production.”

The funny little song comes accompanied by a funny little video starring 69-year-old viral sensation Lili Hayes. The clip was directed by Hayes’ son — the same guy behind the lens of most of her social media videos — Kevin Hayes. Check it out below.

Rice also recently shared the track “The Long Game”. Both that song and “Meet the Mother” will appear on a forthcoming solo project, so stay tuned for more.

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Death Cab for Cutie perform “Gold Rush” on Ellen: Watch

Death Cab for Cutie returned last month with Thank You For Today, their first album in three years. In continued promotion of the Kintsugi follow-up, the Washington indie rockers made their debut appearance on Ellen on Thursday.

Before a backdrop made to look like streaks of gold, Ben Gibbard & co. performed “Gold Rush”. Not unlike the album from which it came, the performance was fairly tame and nondescript — but hey, host Ellen DeGeneres and the daytime TV crowd seemed to lap it up just fine. To each their own!

(Read: Is Narrow Stairs the Saddest Death Cab for Cutie Album?)

Watch DCFC down below.

Recently, Gibbard and the band covered Frightened Rabbit in memory of frontman Scott Hutchison, who died earlier this year. They’re set to kick off their North American tour tonight in Las Vegas, and you can grab tickets here.

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