Submitting your Site to the Feed Directory

Be sure to check out the Publisher's Guide for more information about how parses feeds from your site.

If you're looking to add your site to the Feed Directory, you can follow these simple steps to do so.

1. Sign up for a Free Account

You'll need an account before you can submit anything to the Feed Directory. Don't worry, since you're not using the premium features, you only need a free account to add your site.

Sign up for an account

When signing up for your account, click this button on the Welcome screen to finish creating a free account.

2. Submit Your Site

Once you've created your account, click on "Submit a Site" in the navigation bar and provide with either a URL to the main feed of the site, or to the site URL directly if your site links to the feed from the main page. will attempt to find the feed for a site if not provided, but your site should provide the rel=alternate tag for this to work.

Submit a site

You can submit up to 5 sites per day.

3. Check on your Site

Once you've created your account, click on "Submit a Site" in the navigation bar.

A list of your submitted sites

4. Edit and Tag your Site

Once your site has been parsed by, you can edit some of its details and add tags to it. does not allow users to edit most of the details of their site directly. Those details must be changed in the feeds themselves in order to prevent spam. You can change the site's default feed (if necessary), the site's type, and tag the site with up to 3 category tags which will help users discover the site more easily.

Edit your site's details and tags