Feature Roadmap

There's so many great features planned for Pine.blog, but I've compiled a list of the big ones here. Features might be released out of order, but I've tried to keep them, roughly, in the order I intend on releasing them. Keep in mind, this list is not static. Features may be added/removed at any time.

Last updated: 2019-12-08

  • Feed Reading Support   released in 1.0
  • Favoriting Posts and Recommending Sites   released in 1.0
  • Posting to Wordpress Sites   released in 1.1
  • iOS App with the same features as the site   released in 1.2
  • Multiple Timelines   released in 1.3
  • Free Tier Released   released in 1.5
  • Full 3rd-Party API Released
  • Hosted Blogs   released in 2019
  • Image Hosting   released in 2019
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Videoblog Hosting
  • Cross-Site Replies/Likes
    • WebMentions (Wordpress, Blogger, etc)   released in 2019
    • ActivityPub (Mastodon, etc)
  • Pine.blog app for macOS
  • Revamped iPad app.
  • Custom Domains
  • In-Timeline Audio/Video
    • Podcasts
    • YouTube Videos
  • Push Notifications for New Posts, Replies, and Likes
  • Smart Timelines
    • Timeline Filters
    • Mute Users/Phrases
    • Custom Timelines from Filters and Topics
  • Real-time Timelines
  • And so much more!