Hosted Blogs and the Feed Directory

As a premium user, you can start a blogging quickly and easily on Hosted blogs are also automatically included in the Feed Directory,'s index of blogs and feeds, so other applications, other users, and people from all over the web can find and recommend your blog to others.

When you create your blog it is automatically added to the Feed Directory, but you won't immediately be able to find it in the search results. It may take a few days for your site to appear as an entry in the Feed Directory is only updated every few days. If a week passes and you still can't find your blog in the Feed Directory's search results, please get in touch and we'll do our best to fix the issue.

The Feed Directory is a place for users to search for and find great new stuff to follow and, while it's human-curated, the number of recommendations a site has determines the priority of your site in the listings and search results. Feel free to ask your readers to recommend your site to boost your search prominence.