Featured People and Sites

The Pine.blog Feed Directory allows users to search through a vast number of sites, but the directory also has human-curated Featured Sites for a number of different categories. The categories themselves are not static and can be changed at any time if they become outdated or irrelevant.

Here's a sample of the overview of the featured sites.

A sample of the featured sites

Users can see more sites in each category by clicking on the name of the category, or by clicking on "More like this" at the bottom of each category. By default the preview shows the top 4 featured sites in each category.

Human Curated, User Ranked

There are two aspects to consider when looking at the featured sites categories:

  • What sites are featured?
  • In what order are they featured?

In this way, the featured categories are both a product of human curators and of Pine.blog users. While it's true that Pine.blog's curators select which sites to feature, the sites in each category are ordered by their number of user recommendations. In this way, users have some say in the way featured categories work, but which sites are featured is still up to the Pine.blog staff.

Featured sites, under most circumstances aren't removed after a period of time. In this way, the list of great sites for user check out never shrinks and there's always new stuff to find and follow.

Ask for Featured Status

We're always looking for great new sites to feature in the Feed Directory. If you would like to get in touch to get your site featured, please ensure you meet the following criteria and then get in touch using the email found on the support page.

  • Your site and Feed should link to a hi-res image for display in the featured list.
  • Your site should not promote explicit adult content
  • Your site should already exist in the Pine.blog directory