Jacky Alciné

I’m torn on paying businesses to continue existing. Like that’s part of the allure of business no? That it might fail? I was hoping this would be a chance for more environments to reform their living places into co-ops.


I was specifically referring to housing not business, but you bring up a good point.

I think it’s important to distinguish between normal business failure (i.e. because of uninteresting products/services, etc) and the unprecedented upheaval of a global catastrophe. This kind of scenario isn’t really reasonable to expect them to adequately prepare for something like this and leaving so many businesses to fail only increases the economic hardship to come for everyone. Rent is a foundation of our entire business and residential economy. Letting that fail is like taking the bottom bricks in Jenga.

IMO at times like this it’s important to think about things not from a personal or individual business level but from the perspective of the entire economy. One business failing or one person getting evicted doesn’t really mean anything globally, but tens of thousands per month is catastrophic and can be avoided.